Join us for the March 2019 Python User Group meeting.

Time & Date

Time: 6:30pm - 8:30pm
Date: Monday, March 18, 2018


We'll be graciously hosted by the FedEx Institute of Technology. Here's a link to a Google Map.

  • Room: FIT 225 (2nd floor)
  • Parking: The Deloach Parking Garage is $3/hr, and is right across the street from the FedEx Institute of Technology (FIT). You can also buy a 1-day pass for general parking for $3 -- see visitor parking for more details.


Topic: Building Machine Learning Systems that Scale, by Brandon Smith

Python is the most dominant language in the machine learning community for good reason, yet there are significant challenges to scaling its use across an organization. Going from working in a Jupyter notebook to training, coordinating, managing, and serving thousands of models across a complex service requires significant planning and infrastructure. Companies like Google, Uber, and Facebook have spent years working on their own proprietary platforms and systems in order to solve all of the issues that come with scale. In this talk, I'll tackle the challenges unique to scaling a machine learning organization and how those challenges are currently being solved by both large companies and small startups.


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